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Recommended products

TorqueNet does not sell any products.   All products are purchased through retail outlets on behalf of the client.

After working with computer and networking products over the years, we are often asked which products we prefer.

The following are our favorites.   We work with these products and many more.  Give us a call to help you configure and maintain your network.

  • Qnap


    We recommend various products from QNAP for Network Attached Storage Units.

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  • Netgear


    We recommend the NETGEAR N900 (WNDR4500) router for both excellent WIFI coverage, WIFI Speed, and wired network speed.

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  • Dell


    There are only a couple places in the world that make the components all computer manufactures use to build their computers. Our recommendation for Dell is based on the ease of recovering from a catastrophic damage to the Windows Operating System.

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  • Comcast

    Comcast business

    Allow us to help you with your Comcast Business connection. Unhappy with your current provider? We'll take on the project of switching to faster and more reliable cable internet service.


Your Internet Service Provider gives you up to five  Norton Anti Virus licenses for your home or work computer.   Use the links below to find your free Norton AV.   You will need account information or your main e-mail account to sign in.

Microsoft Windows recommendations

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 🙂
Windows 8
Windows 8.1 🙂

Call us!   We can help with the decisions points including which applications will work on Win7 and Win8.1.   We can set up your new computer system.   And do NOT forget about your data.  We will transfer your data to the new system and purge the data from the old system before its disposal.